A regular topic, request and question from homeowners and clients alike is, “how can I create a home that is classic and timeless?” While the world has been hugely affected by the global pandemic over the last couple of years, many people are moving towards timeless interior design styles that don’t require updating in only a couple of years. People are becoming money savvy and are consequently more reluctant to decorate their homes with bold colors and patterns.

Investing in good quality furniture is important while ensuring the style is timeless. This sectional sofa is a timeless take on classical design and will last many many years! 

What is timeless design?

Timeless design is described largely as “quietly understated, simple and sophisticated” which I’m sure many of us would love our homes to be! It is also highly functional around the users’ needs, yet isn’t boring or bland. Having a subtle design style for your home’s interior allows it to be adaptable and long lasting.

And how can you create a classic and timeless home?

That’s the main topic for discussion in this blog post! We’re going to look at the color palettes, materials and finishes that should be considered if you’re wanting to create a classic and timeless home.

Let’s take a closer look!

Add leather pieces to your interior to give a timeless look. Poufs like this one are perfect for doing just that! 


A Timeless Color Palette


In order to create a timeless interior, it’s important to start with a timeless color palette. This means saying goodbye to bright and bold colors as these can really tie you down and unfortunately don’t help to create a sophisticated space. There’s a time and a place for bright colors in interiors however this isn’t with timeless design.

Instead, your timeless color palette should feature neutrals and lighter or deeper tones of colors. If you prefer a cooler palette then whites and grays should be your go-to’s! However, for warmer interiors, creams, beiges, and rich hues should form the base of the color palette.

It is important to keep your main furniture items neutral, and use accessories, wall art, and pillows to introduce any color. This means choosing furniture with longevity in mind so they stand the test of time.


A timeless color palette means embracing the neutrals for paint colors and large furniture pieces. Supplement this with rich hues of colors like olive green, burgundy, and navy blue.


Wood is a classic finish that never goes out of style. We love the design of this TV cabinet because it is both timeless and modern!  

Classic Finishes


Aside from a timeless color palette, the other finishes of the home also contribute to whether it’s timeless or not.

Typically, a timeless interior features hardwood flooring. This could be either a light or darker tone however it is important to steer clear of any colors that will tie you down i.e no gray-toned floors. Choose classic wood colors instead.

Another finish that is widely used in timeless interiors is silver plumbing fixtures. This could be chrome or nickel depending on your personal preference but silver-finished fixtures are a classic that will work well with everything!


Hardwood flooring is a large aspect of creating a timeless interior. Choosing a classic tone of hardwood floors for your home will last a lifetime and go with everything else you choose furniture-wise.


Other Materials

Adding a neutral-colored area rug to your interior will reinforce the classic look!  


To supplement the above sections, natural materials should be used where possible to reinforce the classic and timeless look of the interior. Linen, leathers, and wool are all good fabric choices to keep in mind when designing a classic and timeless space.

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Kitchens and Bathrooms


There are some specific design styles for kitchens and bathrooms that are associated with classic and timeless interior design that is worth noting. While you may not be able to renovate these rooms initially, it’s worth knowing what to look for when the time does come, or seeing if there are any quick DIY fixes you can make.

Shaker-style vanity units and cabinets are heavily associated with timeless interiors. This one would be a great addition to a powder room!  

Shaker-style cabinets are a classic that will never go out of style. You can easily dress these up and down with your hardware choice, and get creative with the paint choice of the cabinets themselves too.

To add natural materials and finishes to these rooms, consider open wood shelving or wood vanity units for the ultimate timeless look.


Use materials like linen, leather, and wool in decorative accessories to add texture and color to your classic and timeless interior.


There you have it! My top design tips on creating a classic and timeless interior! Have you tried any of these tips out in your home? Anything else you would add? Let us know in the comments section below!