Farmhouse Interior Design Style

You are warm, sweet, and perfectly imperfect. Sitting on a porch drinking lemonade out of a mason jar while conversing with family members sounds like an ideal afternoon to you. You believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. You love things that tell a story or were part of something great. You find yourself frequenting the local antique shop. You are a great nurturer and probably have at least one recipe memorized. You like the objects in your home to have purpose and be pretty at the same time.

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Design-wise, you probably have a collection of antiques and heirlooms, but struggle with knowing how to use them in your home. You are very nostalgic and may have a hard time editing through all the neat things you have acquired over the years. Finding a way to make things look cohesive may be a struggle for you. Also, you may want to break out of your monochromatic mold. Your home is probably more on the messy side, and want to know how to display your things and keep them organized at the same time.

Fun Facts:

The Farmhouse interior design style is one of the most persistent trends at the moment, however its origins date back centuries. The style originates from an agricultural-heavy America; small and rural farms. Today though, the history, traditions and characteristics are seen working cohesively with more modern features of our homes. Working agricultural features, such as wood and metal, this injects a rustic edge.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Rustic architectural finishes, such as wood and metals
  • Structural beams 
  • Modern natural materials, such as leather, suede, wool and cashmere
  • Where possible, incorporating agricultural hardware such as, hooks, door hardware and sliders

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Scandinavian Table

Console Table

This gorgeous painted timber console table is perfect for any entryway, foyer or living room.

Scandinavian Table

Counter Stools

Metal counter stools with wooden seats are perfect for creating an urban farmhouse kitchen look.

Scandinavian Table

Console Table

Natural wooden console tables add richness and character to living spaces.

Scandinavian Table


Classic pure cotton farmhouse style kitchen towels with stripe details.

Scandinavian Design


Simple silhouettes with clean soft linen silp-covers set the tone for a farmhouse inspired space.

Scandinavian Design

Ceiling Light

Pendant ceiling lights with a combination of materials provides a rustic feel to an interior.

Scandinavian Design


Simple diamond pattern throws are subtle additions of texture and comfort to farmhouse inspired interiors.

Scandinavian Design

L-Shaped Sofa

Use an L-shaped sofa to provide extra comfort.

Scandinavian Design

Tie-Knot Blouse

Crisp white tops paired with light colored jeans is a classic farmhouse look.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Small Pouf

Leather foot stools and small poufs are a great way to easily add additional seating to spaces.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

TV Unit

Barn-style storage units with sliding door detailing helps to re-affirm the farmhouse style throughout.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Door Wreath

A real cotton wreath is a perfect addition for a front entrance.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Table Lamp

Textured yet naturally colored lamp bases add character and texture to interior spaces.

Scandinavian Design Planter


Inject texture to your interior with a natural wool rug that will help you to clearly define a space.

Scandinavian Design Planter

Coat Hooks

A rustic wall mounted coat hook with timber and metal details is ideal for most entryways.

Scandinavian Design Planter

Drawer Pulls

Give your kitchen a farmhouse refresh with agricultural style drawer pulls.

Scandinavian Design Planter

Door Handle

Updating your door handles to those made of heavy-duty steel gives a space a barn-style feel.

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