Coastal Interior Design Style

Did you know that today is National Beach Day?! Being in the Chicagoland area, beaches are a little different here than what you’d find on the coast. That being said, we love dipping our toes in the water and enjoying some fun in the sun! In honor of National Beach day, we’re bringing you some Coastal Interior Design style inspiration. Who doesn’t want to bring a chill and relaxing vibe to their space? Be sure to check out our inspiration board and the shoppable links below to create your perfect space!

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How to Recognize Costal Interior Design

Modern costal interior design draws cues from the sea and nearby beach communities. Starfish, sand dollars, netting, lanterns, and more are used to highlight this style. Generally, costal interiors are light and airy with a low contrast. 

Fun Facts:

The Coastal interior design style is up there as one of the most popular trends at the moment, and you can definitely see why… Taking inspiration from the colors and textures associated with the seaside, blue in particular is known for creating a calm and tranquil interior, due to its color psychology. The style originates from the Mediterranean islands of Greece, and some areas of Spain and Italy. Today though, we see this interior design style as light, naturally soft with clean aesthetics. That blended with nautical blues, warm beige, and other soft seaside tones creates the true coastal interior.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Rustic architectural finishes, such as wood
  • Blue tones form part of the color palette  
  • Natural materials, such as linen, wicker, rope and driftwood
  • Nautical patterns and motifs, such as stripes 
  • Where possible, incorporating nautical, coastal or beach inspired artwork, canvases or accessories

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Scandinavian Design

Large Woven Rope Basket

Woven baskets are an extremely versatile storage solution for any home. They instantly add texture and warmth to any room, creating the ultimate beach and coastal vibe.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Coastal Blue Rug

Add some nautical blue tones to any interior for an immediate coastal interior style.

Scandinavian Design

Nautical Wall Art

Use nautical and beach inspired wall art to enrich the design of your space.

Scandinavian Design

Wooden Tea Light Lantern

Lanterns are perfect as centerpieces, mantle decoration or any tabletop. The blue color and wooden texture adds to the coastal feel.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Coastal Soy Candle

Add a refreshing oceanic aroma; lemon & orange, fresh ozone, briny sea salt and hints of jasmine. The perfect coastal inspired scent for extra tranquility.

Scandinavian Design

Blue Striped Pillows

The ultimate coastal and nautical interior can be achieved with blue striped pillows and accessories.

Scandinavian Design

Wooden Candle Holder

The decorative rope patten of this candle holder adds to the coastal look and feel in any room. Perfect for coffee tables, consoles or nightstands.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Cube Pouf

Nordic patterns and bright colors add to the coastal design style. Cube poufs are helpful for adding extra seating.

Scandinavian Design

Starfish Reef Quilt

Bedrooms are great spaces to use coastal interior design because of the calming nature of blue tones. This seaside inspired quilt is perfect for doing just that.

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