I love these wooden decorative blocks! You can stack them throughout your home and change them depending on how you feel.

Now that we’re into February, that can only mean one thing! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! With winter fully appearing and spring seeming to still be a way off for us here in the Chicagoland area, having something colorful and exciting to look forward to is very much welcomed! 

We are all bound to have our own ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day… For some, it could be your 25th year celebrating with your partner, or perhaps it’s your first with a new one. No matter how long you have been with your partner, or even if you’re single this year, there is so much love to spread around. And what better way to do that than adding some Valentine’s Day decor to your home?

In this blog post, we’re sharing with you our favorite ways to decorate our homes specifically for Valentine’s Day. Whether you make a big celebration of it with your partner or prefer to keep it low key – we’ve got you covered!

Are you ready to explore?


We love these simple yet effective wall decorations for Valentine’s Day! They are really cute and work well for any display.

These decorative pillows are perfect for swapping into your home for the month of February. The designs are beautiful and will complement neutral interiors.


Adding Subtle Tones of Red


This may seem like an obvious Valentine’s Day decor idea but many homeowners tend to steer clear of using red in large quantities within their homes, if at all. Adding subtle tones of red or pink to your interior can help to get your home Valentine’s Day ready!

You can easily add these colors into your home through accent pillows and throws. These items are cost-effective for seasonal decor and easy to store away if needed. Swapping any candles or diffusers you have throughout the house for red or pink colored ones can also help to introduce some of these romantic tones.

Framed prints are great for decorating your home – and we especially love this set as it includes prints for throughout the year!

If you don’t want to change up your accessories too much, you can dress your fireplace mantelpiece with faux red berries and simple white items to create a truly classic Valentine’s Day look. Consider using string and hanging little handmade love hearts from them to make your own bunting. You can get the whole family involved with the creative process and use these around the home.


Other Interior Ideas


Aside from the decor pieces, you can swap into your interior, there are some additional ways you can add some Valentine’s Day cheer into your home.

Consider custom printables – there are lots of relatively cost-effective print ideas that can feature you and your loved one or a quote that resonates with the love that you share. These are great for adding to living rooms or bedrooms as framed wall prints or use smaller picture frames.

Wall prints that focus on love and happiness are great for adding into your spaces throughout the whole year. They uplift everyone’s mood when passing by and are relatively easy to add into your everyday decor.


Getting the kids involved in creating some Valentine’s Day decorations like these beautifully stitched love hearts!

Exterior Ideas

This beautiful heart-shaped wreath is perfect for February and onwards into Spring! A lovely addition to any front door.


The Valentine’s Day decorating ideas don’t stop with just the interior! There are some simple ways you can dress the exterior of your home too.

While red-based wreaths may be associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas, there’s nothing stopping you from re-working them into more Valentine’s Day related wreaths. There are some beautiful options out there that feature Spring flowers and colors! These could serve as wreaths for both Valentine’s Day and the transition into Spring.

For colder states that have long winters, simple red berry wreaths serve extremely well for both Valentine’s Day and the long winter days.

Perfect for the Winter months and Valentine’s Day are red berry front door wreaths like this one!

You can take the exterior Valentine’s Day decorating one step further with wooden door signs, front door decals, or front yard signs.


Another easy way of decorating the exterior of your home is by using front door decals.










I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the ways you can bring some love into your home this Valentine’s Day! Will you be decorating your interior for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear all about your plans in the comments below!