Website Design, Hosting, and Maintenance 


Need a website and don’t know where to start? Have you looked at other “easy to use options” and found them to still be complicated? We’ve got your back.

Establishing an online presence can be time-consuming and there’s often a steep learning curve if trying to design your own site. Security updates need to be handled on a regular basis, and what about SEO? 

Innovatus Design web hosting and web site maintenance plans were designed by an interior designer and her web designer husband to help you focus on parts of your business you already excel at and take the burden of web design, hosting, and maintenance off your plate. 

You can rest easy now because you don’t have to design your own site, learn code, or fiddle with all the back end settings. Not only do we build your site for you, but we’ll also maintain it too.

Looking for more control? You always have access to the backend of the site and can make any changes that you’d like. 

How It Works

First, select which tier level is best for your business. We offer three different service levels and a la carte options so you can create the perfect plan for your business. Each plan includes a one-time set-up fee and a monthly subscription fee. We will provide three different interior design website templates to select from. We will customize the colors based on your brand and switch out the images and content based on what you provide. If you’re just getting started and need help selecting stock photos, or getting renderings created based on your designs, we can handle this for you as an a la carte option as well!

Once we receive the initial set-up fee, we will follow up with a form based on your website template selection. The form breaks each section down in easy bite-sized pieces. The form also includes tips as you determine what to say in each section. We also set you up with a client portal to upload your images and logo.

While you’re working on your form and gathering images, we’re already busy at work behind the scenes. To get your interior design website up and running, we have some prep work to do. If you have an existing domain, we will begin to move your data over. If not, we’ll purchase your domain and get you set up on the server.

Once we receive your information, we customize your website and share a progress preview before the site goes live.


What do I need to get started?

Before purchasing a website plan, there are a few things you should already have:

  • Business Name
  • Desired Domain Name
  • Logo (Need one? We can help with that too.)
  • Brand Colors/Preferred colors
  • Content for your page (Not sure what to say? We can walk you through it.)
  • Photos



Website Design, Maintenance, and Hosting Plans

Select from three service levels for your interior design website. Each plan offers unique features and benefits. You can also customize a plan by combining a plan with a la carte options. Did we mention you don’t even need to know how to code? We take care of everything for you from setup to keeping your website secure and up to date! We can even upload your blog posts!

A La Carte

Seeking to customize your website design and hosting plan? We have several preset options to select from. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can create a customized plan for you, contact us for help.

A la carte options are available for active subscribers.


Need a custom email address that matches your domain name? A custom email address is included with the Everything I Need plan, however, this is an A La Carte option for those who have opted into our other plans. Email plans are available with an active website hosting plan.


Blog Post Upload

Blog post upload done for you! No need to log into the backend of your site, we’ll format using the content and images you provide. We also proofread for grammar and spelling errors.


$20 per post

Custom WebSite Page

Do you need an additional website page created for you? If you need more than what we offer with your plan, add on to your site with this A La Carte option. 


Starting at $125 per page

Daily Backup

Do you want to protect your investment? Daily offsite website backups will give you the peace of mind that your site can be online quickly should there be a catastrophic loss. 



Website Analytics

Learn about your website’s performance and growth through a monthly analytics report. 



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