Family life can be tricky and difficult sometimes, especially with young kids and pets. With youngsters myself, I can totally relate! This is why ensuring your home works for you, and not against you, is absolutely key.

I love being an interior designer because it allows me to work with families to make their lives easier. And one of those design elements that I love to recommend to my clients is a drop zone!

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What is a Drop Zone?


A drop zone is a dedicated area that acts as a “catch-all” for everyday items. So when everyone comes through the door after a long day at school, hands are full of bags, keys, and other items, a drop zone is an area where all of this gets unloaded.

The drop zone could be an area in the mudroom if your home has one, or a space in the main entryway or foyer. Typically it’s an area just inside the front door, but this may not be the case for some. It really depends on where you frequently enter and leave the house, so if you use a rear hallway or garage, having a drop zone next to these is more appropriate.

Now that you know what a drop zone is, and maybe have an idea of where this is in your own home, let’s take a look at some Drop Zone Must Haves and other ideas!

Examine What You Need


First of all, it’s really important to examine what you need the drop zone to organize or store. This will be different for each family because we all have different ways of doing things!

Start by taking a non-judgmental view of how you enter and leave your home. What sort of things need to be easily accessible when you come and go? Do you need a place for keys, mail, shoes, and coats?

Once you know what you need to have near the area where you leave each day, you can get organized!

Console Table or Storage Unit


Every drop zone area should have a console table or storage unit. 

This could be as simple as a slim console table with decorative items on top that help you to stay organized, and provides a place for you to “dump stuff” when you come through the door.

Alternatively, a storage unit or cabinet is great for having a place to store items in. A drop zone can get messy sometimes so having a cabinet where you can close the mess away may be better suited to you.

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Console Table with Storage Drawers

This console table is ideal for drop zones because the drawers provide a good amount of hidden storage, as well as the shelf below for baskets.

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Solid Wood Console Table

Use a console table like this one to give your family lots of storage, and create an area for a drop zone!

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Modern Storage Cabinet

This small storage cabinet is ideal for using in a drop zone because you can hide any unsightly objects away, and have helpful accessories on the top.

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Slim Console Table

If you have a small space for a drop zone, use a slim console table like this one! Add storage cabinets below.



One of my favorite interior decor items is baskets! They are super useful for use throughout the home and make a great addition to any drop zone.

Use small baskets on top of your console or storage unit to keep items organized, like keys, sunglasses, and coins. While larger baskets can be used underneath or beside the furniture to keep shoes, coats, jackets, and winter accessories organized and out of the way.


Top Tip – Label a basket for each person so they can keep their personal items separate from everyone else!

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Large Sea Grass Storage Basket

Add a large storage basket to your drop zone to store large items like shoes, coats and winter accessories.

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Cream Rope Basket

These small cream rope baskets are perfect for using on top of a console table or storage unit to keep keys or sunglasses in!

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Round Wicker Storage Basket

Another great storage basket option is this one that features handles! 

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Woven Hyacinth Crate

These woven crates are a lovely textured addition to the top of a console table to store mail in!

Pin Boards and Mail Organizers


Another set of helpful items to have in a drop zone is a pin board and mail organizers! 

If you have a large family this may be the most useful item to have in the drop zone, so you can easily see what each member of the family has coming up in the week. From soccer practice, to dance classes, and play dates, a pinboard will help to keep you all organized!

You can even showcase family photos, letters, and important notes to remember on a pin board as well.

Mail organizers help to prevent piles of mail from building up on the kitchen counter or in other areas of the home. Something as simple as a wall-mounted basket can help to keep mail organized so your home is clutter-free.

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Cross Corner Pin Board

We love this pin board because of the neutral colors and texture it brings to a drop zone!

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Walnut Pin Board

Add contrast to your drop zone area with this walnut brown pin board! 

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Wall Mounted Mail Holder

Use a wall mounted mail organizer with hooks below to create a two-in-one effect. 

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2-Tier Letter and Key Rack

This industrial style letter rack features key hooks to help you stay organized and tidy.

Ideas for Small Spaces


While not everyone has space for a mudroom or large drop zone, there are some ways you can make a small space work for you too!

Consider setting up a drop zone that is vertical. Use the space you have to create a low level storage cabinet, with hooks above, and plenty of space for baskets to help keep everyone organized.

Personalize Your Space

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