We love this because of the two-directional light it provides! Ideal for using either side of your front door.

It’s no secret that I love spending time sitting on my front porch watching my kids play in the yard. As the years go by I’ve realized that it’s these little moments that bring the most joy, and I can’t be alone! 

Lighting can make or break an interior design scheme, and outdoor lighting plays a huge part in how we enjoy and use our outdoor spaces. The front porch is often many different things: providing a space to sit and watch the world go by, and as a transition space between the outside and inside of a home. Ensuring there is adequate lighting here is super important, even for practical reasons like home security.

So how can you create a balance between security consciousness and everyday enjoyment with lighting on your front porch? In this article, I’m sharing my top tips and ideas on front porch lighting so you can create a practical and cozy porch area.


If you prefer something more decorative for your front porch, this is for you!

Wall Sconces


Let’s start with my personal favorite! Wall sconces provide a soft light that is perfect for summer evenings sitting outside on the porch. They work best when they are wired into your main electrical circuit so you can control them from indoors.

Depending on the wall space you have available, aim to have at least one next to your front door (and another on the other side of the door if you have space), and then 8 feet or so away towards the outer side of the porch. This will help to evenly distribute the light around your front porch.

Wall sconces are the perfect fixture for either side of your front door. They provide soft illumination for your front door area.


Flush mount fixtures are recommended for porches due to the lower ceilings they often have.

Overhead Lighting


Next, we should talk about overhead lighting on your front porch. The type of ceiling fixture that is suitable for your porch will depend on the size of the porch itself.

For smaller porches, a simple flush mount fixture will provide a good amount of general lighting, while you may wish to increase the quantity of these for larger spaces. If your porch is particularly large, you should consider using an outdoor ceiling fan that comes with a light kit so its function doubles up.

Top Tip – Put your overhead porch lighting and/or wall sconces on motion sensors so they automatically turn on when someone is on the porch. This is a great security feature!

The size of your porch will influence which ceiling lights are right for you. For smaller porches, use flush mount fixtures. And you should consider ceiling fans for larger porches.


Solar Lights

These would look fantastic hung around the canopy of a front porch!


Solar outdoor lights are becoming increasingly popular as they are using free energy from the sun. That’s not to say that solar lights won’t work for areas that don’t receive full sunlight, it’s that they work best in full sun to provide the best possible light output.

These lights are perfect for use on the perimeter of your front porch, either on the handrails or on the decking or floor. This will give the porch a soft glow! Creating an intimate atmosphere for late summer evenings.

Solar lights are fantastic for use to line pathways and illuminate access points around the exterior of homes.

You should keep in mind that varying weather conditions will impact the quality of light output with solar lights.

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We love the simplicity of these ! Perfect for using throughout the home and decorating your front porch with.


Ambient Lighting


To finish off your front porch lighting, add ambient lighting to enhance a warm glow to the area. Use decorative lanterns with LED battery-powered candles to highlight and style the corners of the porch for a romantic and intimate setting.

Aside from lanterns, you can use candles on side tables to create a similar effect. You may find that indoor candles blow out easily due to wind. It would be worth investing in outdoor candles as they have wicks made out of thick cotton, therefore creating a bigger flame that is more weather resistant.

Top Tip – Use plates or flat small dishes or bowls to catch any hot wax from candles. This wax can damage furniture and make it difficult to remove!

I love using candles and lanterns on my porch because they give a warm glow and create a romantic atmosphere.


So there you have it! My top tips for lighting your front porch and creating a well-lit entrance to your home. How have you lit your front porch? Have you used the ideas shared here? I’d love to hear all about your front porch lighting in the comments below!