Add decor to the bedroom to inspire and educate your kids as they grow. This is perfect for that!

As a mom of twin toddlers, I’ve had the fun job of creating inspiring and joyful spaces for them both to enjoy. In fact, one of my favorite spaces to design for clients are kids’ bedrooms! When you become an adult a part of your playful side gets left behind so it’s a pleasure to be able to deep dive into creating fun environments for them.

When it comes to creating a bedroom for toddlers there are some key aspects you need to remember and keep in mind throughout. This includes longevity and flexibility. We’ll talk more about that later, but creating the perfect bedroom for your toddlers doesn’t have to seem so daunting! It should be a creative opportunity for you so have fun with the process.

Shall we take a look at the key aspects to consider and tips for creating the perfect bedroom for toddlers? Let’s go!


Longevity vs. Flexibility

This is perfect for little girls that love to play and create little dens for themselves and their friends.


First, you will need to decide which pieces of furniture can be selected to last for many years (ideally 5 – 10 years+). This is likely to include: the main bed frame, wardrobes, and a chest of drawers. By investing in quality pieces of furniture (for these items specifically) they are likely to still be applicable in 5 to 10 years’ time as your toddler matures. You can always supplement these pieces of furniture with bookcases and other storage items if needed.

Good quality furniture is always worth investing in, and particularly for anything that can be purchased for the long term. However, you should be mindful of anything that will need to be changed within 5 years – those items shouldn’t be as costly. Therefore you can save on them but keep in mind they may need replacing in a couple of years.

Items that should be flexible for your toddlers include storage, shelving, and other smaller elements like desks and poufs.

Invest in quality furniture that will last for many years to come. This may also include accent chairs, window treatments, and area rugs as well as a chest of drawers and wardrobes.


Using Interests and Hobbies to Your Advantage

I love using wall decor to add to the overall look of toddler bedrooms. This makes a great addition for any kid that loves sea animals!


One of the best ways to create the perfect bedroom for your toddler is to incorporate their interests and hobbies into the space. I always advise clients to do this through less expensive items as their interests are likely to change in years to come.

Wall decals are a great way to incorporate your toddler’s interests into their bedroom as they can be easily changed in a few years’ time. You could frame posters that are relevant to their interests, and style the space with ornaments or books that are also relevant to them.

There are even super creative table lamps, wall hooks, and hardware that can instantly change the room style to be more “them”. If your toddler loves the zoo or sea animals, why not add wall decor that is relevant to their favorite animal?

Enrich your toddler’s bedroom with their favorite hobbies and interests. Why not set up a teepee to encourage their playtime?


Organizing and Storing Toys

These are the perfect addition for toddler bedrooms so you can display their favorite bedtime storybooks.


A toddler’s bedroom wouldn’t be the same without their favorite toys and stuffed animals! And for some families, there may not be space to have a dedicated playroom so you need to be creative and clever with storing toys.

You can organize toys in plain sight. Nowadays too many people believe that “everything has to have a home”. For a toddler’s bedroom, this is near impossible! They are experimenting with different toys and developing their basic creative and playful skills. And it would be impossible to keep all of their toys out of sight all of the time.

To hide toys in plain sight, have your toddler arrange stuffed animals on their bed. This is better than having them all over the floor. Provide shelves and low-level storage units so they can display their favorite toys on them. Floating shelves are great for displaying your toddler’s favorite bedtime storybooks.

are cost-effective storage solutions that can used for many years! Great for storing toys, books, and blankets.

One trick I love using for my own home, and that of my client’s, is storage baskets. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes making them a great addition to any room of the home where you need to store toys. You could have small baskets dotted around the house so clearing up at the end of each day is just a quick sweep of putting stuff in the baskets.

For your toddler’s bedroom, you can use in a few different ways. You can use freestanding baskets for storing all sorts of things, and smaller baskets for stowing in bookcases or storage units. Baskets are great items that can be repurposed as they mature.

Top Tip – Use baskets with handles so it’s easier to transport toys as needed.


I hope this blog post has provided you with some helpful pointers on how to create the perfect bedroom for your toddlers! Have you recently updated your toddler’s bedroom? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!