Increasing employee motivation through interior design is possible and should be used as a means to increase employee productivity and drive profitability throughout the organization. It has been proven that increased access to natural daylight has a positive impact on peoples attitudes and gives them a more positive outlook on life. By increasing the daylight in an interior, we can harness this effect and increase motivation and productivity across the board.

Light flooding into a space creates a different ambiance and creates the illusion that the exterior and interior spaces are bridged. Natural light will increase health and even productivity.

Spaces are often defined into various zones based on function. Sometimes it’s not possible for each of these zones to have direct access to natural lighting. Alternate ideas for these spaces include lightening the finishes selected or even installing a skylight. Using lighting multipliers, we can naturally increase the amount of light in a space. Reflective surfaces not only bring light in, but helps to bounce it around the space, creating less of a need for additional lighting and keeps natural light as close to employees as possible.

There are buildings out there that are not flexible. The interior design was been the same for ages, and it’s not possible to use multipliers to draw natural light into the deepest parts of the organization. Instead, a better solution would be to create a new space outdoors that would allow employees to work, hold meetings, collaborate or eat together. A community center outside satisfies the need to access natural daylight and can be a perfect solution.

If all else fails, simply increasing the amount of light in an interior may be all that’s needed. Using brighter, more energy efficient lamps would help reduce energy costs as well as increase employee motivation.

Employee motivation is something that is so valuable, but many times overlooked. Employees are one of the most expensive assets that a company has. Just like all assets, they need to be properly taken care of and maintained to get the best return on investment possible. Natural daylight is an inexpensive way to do this.