The festive period comes to a close, so now what? It’s a weird time after Christmas and waiting for the New Year to get into full swing. I love to take time to reflect on the last twelve months and start planning ahead for the next year.

But what about the home?

It’s also a fantastic time to start thinking about what you can get rid of, and add to your home as we move into the New Year. This will be especially important when there are gifts in piles throughout the living space that suddenly need a home.

Today, I take you through the three most important steps to New Year’s Decorating and how to start the New Year with your best foot forward!

There is nothing more satisfying than entering a New Year with fresh and newly organized spaces! Ready to kick start the New Year in the right way?




This is probably the most important step in New Year decorating – decluttering. Taking the time to clear out closets, cabinets, drawers, and bookcases can be a liberating process.

Start by tackling one room, and go through one closet or area at a time. Do you still use these items? Do you need them? Make a pile of items that can be donated to charity, or start filling a box so it’s ready to go.

You should also consider clothes you may no longer wear or have become worn out. What can be donated? It’s a great feeling to donate unwanted items, especially as you go into the New Year.

While you are decluttering and sorting through areas of your home, you may need to reassess your needs. Have you got lots of electrical items you no longer need because you are back in the office working instead of working from home? Thinking about your lifestyle and what you actually need really helps.


Moving Forward


Once you have gone through all of your existing items, it’s time to make a plan for moving forward. This will be different for each room in the home which is why I always recommend decluttering and assessing needs by each room.

How do you plan to use the space this year and into the future? Do you need a particular room to function as something different?

Depending on what you need the room for, you should make a plan. What will be stored here and how? Will you use storage baskets? Is there enough closet space? Drawers or cabinets to use?

All of these questions are important to ask and answer in order to move into the final stage of the process.

Do you have spaces that will no longer serve you in the New Year? Examine what you need the space to provide and make a plan to put changes in place!


New Items


Whether you need to find new homes for the gifts you received this year, or need to completely revamp a space to align with your plans, this is the stage where you can add new items into the mix. As you have decluttered and sorted through your existing items, there should hopefully be some free space for these!

If you are changing a space to match your needs, think about what sort of new items you need to finish it off. Is more storage required? Additional seating or table space perhaps?

Look for new items as needed, and save where you can! You may enjoy reading Interior Items to Save On and Our Favorite Interior Splurges to help with this!