Paint Colors for West Facing Rooms!


Do you have a tricky west-facing room to decorate? The altering amount of natural light can make choosing the right paint color extremely difficult. Should you lean into the warmth of the afternoon sun? Or work with the cool light shining in the space during the morning?

The altering light of west-facing rooms can prove challenging for any homeowner but there is a key principle to keep in mind throughout the decision process. And that is, the light shining in west-facing rooms is cooler in the morning, and brighter in the afternoon, usually casting a warm glow.

Before you start looking into paint color options for your west facing room, you should think about whether you would prefer to lean into cooler or warmer tones and embrace either the morning or afternoon light. This will help you decide which paint color is right for your space.

Let’s explore more about choosing a paint color for west facing rooms!

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Considering the Time of Day


As west facing rooms don’t have a consistent level of light throughout the entire day, it’s really important to consider the time of day, and specifically when you use the space the most.

In the morning, the light can evoke a dim, less strong light that will need brightening up.

In contrast however, the afternoon shines a warmer light into west facing rooms as the sun moves around.

It may be worth asking yourself some questions around this, such as, “when do I use this room the most?” This should guide you as to which lighting level you’ll need to be the most mindful of.

Otherwise, it’s important to look for a paint color that will create an even balance between the two differing natural lights.

Striking the Balance

So how exactly can you neutralize the cool morning and warm afternoon light in a west facing room?

It does come down to the undertones of the paint colors you narrow down during the search. You can find neutral paint colors (such as beige, off-white, grays, etc) that have either cool or warm undertones. The key here is to choose either a cool or warm paint color that has the opposite undertones. This will help to create a balance for both the morning and afternoon natural light of the west facing room.

Neutral paint colors are the best for west facing rooms if you want to play it safe. When it comes to actual colors, like blues, greens, reds, pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges, the process can become even more complicated. These colors will change shade throughout the day as the sun moves around.

Neutral Isn’t Always the Solution

Contrary to the section above, neutral paint colors aren’t always the solution for west facing rooms. Injecting color through the paint chosen can make the space come alive.

It’s worth keeping in mind the undertones of the paint colors, and be mindful that the overall color will change during the day with the different natural light it’s exposed to.

Paint Colors to Avoid

With all that said, there are some paint colors you should avoid completely for your west facing room.

Red and Orange paint colors will be more intense in west facing rooms, and we’d avoid using them where possible. These colors will be magnified. The only exception to this is if you plan on spending most of your time in the room during the morning, where you will want and appreciate the warmth these colors provide.

Recommended Paint Colors

Red and orange are off the table, so which paint colors should you be considering for your west facing room? Here are some ideas:


Shades of white are safe colors to use in west facing rooms. Choose a white with blue tones to balance out the warm cast of west facing afternoon light.

We recommend looking at:

Benjamin Moore White Heron OC-57, Benjamin Moore White Wisp OC-54 (pictured to the left), Benjamin Moore Winter White OC-21


Gray paint colors are ideal for using in west facing rooms because of their ability to be seen both cool and warm depending on the lighting. A slightly cool toned gray will balance out the afternoon warmth and bring elegance to the space.

We recommend looking at:

Benjamin Moore Moonshine OC-56, Benjamin Moore Silver Chain 1472, Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC-169 (pictured on the right), Sherwin Williams Essential Gray SW 6002


If you’re looking for an even balance between the cool morning light and warm afternoon lighting, a greige or neutral with cool undertones can help to counterbalance this. These paint colors will ground the amber toned natural lighting.

We recommend looking at:

Benjamin Moore Ashwood OC-47, Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies OC-48, Benjamin Moore Grant Beige HC-83 (pictured to the left), Sherwin Williams Downy SW 7002, Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground SW 7568


Embrace color in your west facing room with these colors! The first two options are great for embracing the strong late afternoon, while the last two colors will look cool in the morning and neutralize the warmer light later in the day.

We recommend looking at:

Benjamin Moore Soft Shell 015, Benjamin Moore Meadow Pink 1011 (pictured on the right), Sherwin Williams Anjou Pear SW 6381, Sherwin Williams Broccoflower SW 9039

Have you got a west facing room that needs redecorating? Which colors are you considering? I’d love to hear all about your experiences – past and present – in the comments below!

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