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Twin Nursery

Project Location: Downers Grove, IL

Scope: Nursery, 150 sq. ft.

Design Challenge

What do you do when you’re having two? Plan a twin nursery! When we found out we were having twins, I needed to design a nursery in my own home for my little bundle of joys. Knowing we were going to have a boy and girl, the nursery needed to be gender-neutral, and also be functional for everything twin-parent life was going to throw at us!

Design Solution

Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunity to design children’s rooms in the past and wasn’t a complete stranger to how a nursery should be designed. Priorities for the space included incorporating two cribs, a changing station, and a glider for cuddles and feedings. 

The overall footprint of the room is small, so maximizing space was important. I also designed the space to be fun with bright pops of color to help with neurological development. The neutral paint was a great foundation for flexibility in the future. I also wanted to make sure the space was interesting, so I designed a painted patterned accent wall on the long wall of the nursery. This wall would then later become a feature for when the cribs would become toddler beds. Not wanting a straightforward theme, I incorporated whimsical elements, such as a sun and clouds hanging from the ceiling, and a rainbow window swag over the curtains. These hints are fun without being too childish as the kids grow and develop their own tastes. 

Floating shelves in a nursery
Twin nursery details in Downers Grove IL
Changing Pad on Dresser

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