Location: Downers Grove, IL
Scope: Living Room, 220 square feet

Before our team began our work, this room was dark, didn’t flow with the rest of the house, and my clients hardly spent time there. They didn’t want to continue to use a space they didn’t love and asked us to make better use of the square footage.
We began by spaceplanning and evaluating the existing space. The architecture needed to remain intact, and there was a large window and two large entrances into the space. By floating furniture in the room, we were able to better define the seating area and create more purpose. We changed the circulation of the space by directing people to walk around the chairs instead of through that area. This instantly created a cozy space for listing to music or enjoying a conversation.
Lighting was strategically added and designed for the usage of the space and provides tons of flexibility in how the space can be used.
We ensured a perfect flow with the rest of the home, and our clients love their new living room.