Gracious Greige – A Versatile Neutral


Choosing paint colors for your home is both an exciting and daunting task! With a huge array of vendors, colors and shades to choose from it can quickly become overwhelming. 

When working through paint colors with clients, I often choose colors that can be used throughout the home and are good base colors to build from in different areas where needed. In many cases the entryway and main living room needs to feel warm and inviting, while some other areas may need to be paired back a bit to work with cooler tones of existing furniture. This is where you need a versatile paint color!

Sherwin Williams Gracious Greige (brought to you by HGTV Home) is the perfect mix of warm and cool. Depending on where you use this paint color and what other elements are there will influence the tones seen in this paint color! How cool is that?!

Finding paint colors, furniture and pieces of decor that can do more for you than what meets the eye are golden in interior design. Let’s take a closer look at this versatile paint color and explore how you can use it at home!

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Why We Love It!

We love a warm gray or greige paint color because they can be used throughout the home to create different looks using the same initial paint color. It is a brilliant base paint color that you can build either a warm or cool interior scheme with. A truly timeless color can help to create both modern and more traditional spaces. 

I often choose paint colors last in my interior design projects, because if the furniture or decor needs warming up we can choose accordingly, and vice versa for cooling a room scheme down. Gracious Greige is a paint color that has the ability to do both depending on what else is around it. It’s because of this versatility that this paint color should be up your sleeve for your next decorating project!

How to Use Gracious Greige at Home 

Gracious Greige can be used in most environments. The earthy tones of the paint color make it perfect for entryways, foyers, living rooms and dining rooms to create a warm, inviting and more formal atmosphere. While in kitchens, bathrooms and even laundry rooms, this paint color can help to balance out any cool tones from appliances and appear more gray than beige.

This paint color is fantastic for open-plan homes, or homeowners who prefer a cohesive design throughout as this will work beautifully throughout. Pair with accent colors like navy, sage green or deep purples to add further richness, sophistication and visual interest to spaces.

What to Watch Out for

With earth-toned paint colors, and indeed the latest interior design trend surrounding warm tones, it is very easy to fall into the “muddy” trap. This is caused when too much beige and browns are used in a space with no other color to help break it up. As Gracious Greige is a mid-tone color, I advise you to use this alongside white trim work and ceilings and introduce an accent color to diversify your interior.

Using classic neutrals with Gracious Greige will help you to avoid the “muddy” trap and create a beautiful home.

Accent Color Pairings

Sherwin Williams Gracious Greige can be paired with many other colors! It is such a versatile paint color and I like to pair it with other neutrals and brighter colors too.

If you prefer a pared-back interior, I highly recommend using this color with rich and deep colors such as burgundy red or dark plum purple to create a luxurious space.

Here are some color palettes I have put together to show you just how versatile this paint color can be!

Ways to make this color last in your home

Sherwin Williams Gracious Greige is a timeless paint color that will pair well with any accent color. Bring out the warmth of this with black or dark furniture (coffee and console tables) and even it out with light cream or white textile pieces.

A classic neutral and warm gray paint color will last you a lifetime – it’s one that you’ll love year on year. Whether it’s for a living room, classic dining room, nursery, or bedroom – Gracious Greige and other neutral tones work for any interior space. 

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