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Keeping a busy family home clean and tidy every day can feel nearly impossible, and cleaning and tidying can quickly become overwhelming. I’m a firm believer that by having the right foundations in place and having access to the right tools, you can keep on top of the home. One of these tools are Hip Laundry Hampers! The type of hampers that you don’t mind leaving out.

In this Shop the Look feature we’re going to share our top tips and ideas on how to use Hip Laundry Hampers to your advantage to help keep your family home organized and tidy.

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How to Recognize a Hip Laundry Hamper

A hip laundry hamper is one that doesn’t really look like a laundry hamper at all! Some traditional laundry baskets are made from plastic and don’t necessarily look that great. Nowadays, there are lots of different options on the market, and with wicker and rope baskets become a feature in many interiors, hip laundry hampers have never been more accessible.

By using a more stylish laundry hamper in your bedroom, you can leave it out on display in a corner without worrying that it makes the room look messy! Many hip laundry hampers come with stylish lids that keep the contents hidden from view.

Laundry Hamper Fun Facts:

The term “hamper” dates back to as early as the 14th Century! And referred to a large goblet or cup. Woven baskets were heavily used in ancient Egypt and were used to keep clean and dirty clothes separated.

Nowadays, a laundry hamper is used in exactly the same way! They are typically large baskets that help us to organize dirty clothes, and keep them hidden and out of the way from clean clothes that are still within the wardrobe.

In the early 2000’s many of us preferred the cotton or fabric laundry hampers to add some color or pattern into the bedroom, but nowadays with the rise of more minimalistic and neutral homes, we tend to prefer the traditional woven hampers.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Woven Hampers
  • Fabric Hampers
  • Hampers with Handles
  • Hampers with Stylish Lids

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Scandinavian Design

Natural Woven Hamper

This natural woven hamper has a unique shape that would look beautiful in the corner of any bedroom! Plus it has a lid to hide dirty clothes.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Black Hamper

A round hamper is great for using in smaller spaces, while the black finish adds a modern touch.

Scandinavian Design

Laundry Hamper with Lid

This laundry hamper is a classic style, but comes with handles and lid.

Scandinavian Design

Woven Rope Laundry Hamper

Use a cotton woven rope laundry hamper like this one for your kids bedrooms to keep their dirty clothes separate from the rest of the space.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Woven Basket

We love the unique shape of this woven basket! It makes a stylish laundry hamper that will elevate any bedroom or bathroom.

Scandinavian Design

Hamper with Liner

Use this lined hamper to add a stylish piece to your bedroom or guest area.

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