Kids Storage

As a mom to twin toddlers,I can completely relate to parents who struggle to keep their kids’ toys, books and crafts organized! There’s no set way of storing things when it comes to your kids so long as it’s easily accessible for them and quick for you to put back when needed. PLUS – kids’ storage doesn’t just end with their bedroom or playroom, it comes into your living room or family room too. That’s where this Shop the Look feature comes in! Let’s take a closer look at how you can optimize storage for your little one!

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Kids Storage

Storage-based furniture comes in many different forms these days which will give you a lot of choices! So always consider what sort of toys, books, or magazines your child likes playing with the most. Is it lego, dolls, crafts, or something else? This should drive your storage-based shopping so it is tailored to what needs storing away.

One of the best things I have done in my own home with twin toddlers is to utilize storage baskets. From rope-based to thinner and smaller storage bins, you can pick up something stylish to use in your main living space so your kids have something to play with throughout the home. These baskets normally come with handles so are easy to move around and it will be easy for you to scoop up anything from the floor to store away. Win-win!

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Fun Facts:

When your kids are growing up, their interests and hobbies are bound to change. Especially when they are exposed to different activities at pre-school and beyond this is inevitable so keeping different storage options available will help as they grow older. Consider what interests and hobbies they do have right now, integrate their favorite colors or patterns, and take it from there.

Above anything else, the storage for your kids should be practical. Use thick baskets for larger items, made from rope or wicker, and thinner storage bins for pens, glue, and other craft items.

Invest where you can on items that have the potential to last for 8+ years and shop around for short term items so it’s cost-effective for you. Think large bookcases, sideboards, or chest of drawers and storage cubbies. With kids’ ever-changing interests and hobbies, give them flexible storage options and dot these around the home where they play often.

Use storage baskets to your advantage and help your little ones store their toys, books, and anything else they may have! Low bookcases are great for this, and floating shelves.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Storage baskets (for toys, books, magazines)
  • Storage bins (for smaller toys and crafts items)
  • Bookcases
  • Storage units like sideboards or chest of drawers

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This tall bookcase is perfect for adding different types of storage! Use the top few shelves for books and the bottom for storage bins.

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Stackable Storage Bins

Do you need a space saving storage option? These stackable storage bins are perfect for this!

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Large Storage Basket

Adding large and durable storage baskets to your home is great for storing toys and books throughout. Plus – tidying up is made much easier with the integrated handles!

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Large Woven Storage Basket

Adding cute storage bins and baskets help to encourage daily or weekly clean ups because it’s so easy! Perfect for your kids bedroom or playroom.

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3-Drawer Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet is great for kids of all ages because it provides a variety of storage options to keep their toys hidden out of sight!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Multicolored Cube Organizers

These organizers are fantastic for storing different arts and crafts bits! Keep them stored away in these colorful bins until next playtime.

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