Custom window treatments add sophistication and a premium look to any space! These are an ideal starting point.


I’ve met a huge amount of homeowners during my time as an interior designer so far, and a fair percentage of those want to upgrade their homes with simple and cost-effective solutions. In some cases, these homeowners aren’t even sure how or what they want to improve!

Do you want to upgrade your home, but are not sure where to start?

Here are the top 5 ways you can upgrade any space!


1. Custom Window Treatments


These would look beautiful in any living space or bedroom! Entirely custom to your window sizing.

One of the ways you can upgrade your home is with custom window treatments!

While it may be tempting to buy from Target and quickly be done with window treatments in your home, there are some huge advantages to using custom treatments instead. 

Custom window treatments are created entirely for your space. Tailored perfectly for your windows only, you won’t have to settle for a store-bought standard size that’s not quite right!

Plus – did you know that there are thousands of options to select from? Not only will you get something bespoke to your specific windows, custom window treatments open you up to an even wider range of fabrics to choose from as well. We have our own comprehensive fabric line that many homeowners use for custom window treatments!

If you’re looking for a perfect fit and finish for your windows – choosing custom window treatments should be the way forward. Check out our Fabric Line today!


Custom window treatments and great lighting will assure your space has had a facelift! From custom blinds and curtains to an array of accent lighting, these will help to improve any interior.


2. Custom Upholstery


Have you considered custom upholstery before? Now might be the perfect time to!

With custom upholstery, you can choose sizes and materials that are tailored to your personal preferences. Don’t see any colors or fabrics you like at your local furniture store? Use custom upholstery to make it your own.

Custom upholstery is often better quality than retail products, and it means that any precious heirloom pieces can be passed on for generations. 

Add this to your living space and add some visual interest! Floor lamps are perfect for adding accent lighting to your home.


3. Lighting


If you regularly read our regular articles, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate for good lighting design! And believe it or not – great lighting goes beyond the amount of light in a home, it’s all about the lighting types.

Make sure to use plenty of accent lighting to highlight specific areas or pieces of art. Table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and picture lights are all considered accent lighting, which should be used in addition to your general lighting. Ceiling lights shouldn’t be the only lights you have in a space, always supplement them with accent lighting!

It’s good to think about how you can add visual interest to your space through the lighting choices you make. Freestanding lamps (floor and table) will add to your accent lighting, but could also add a creative flair to the space too. 

Drawn to more traditional pieces? I’ve got you covered! This is perfect for more traditional or classic spaces.


4. Custom Millwork


This is a personal favorite of mine because custom millwork in any space instantly personalizes it to the family living there. Builtins are specific to the space and are designed entirely for that space – you’re unlikely to see another one exactly the same!

Another aspect of custom millwork that makes it a great upgrade in any space is that there are so many different design and finish options. Do you need extra storage? Bookcase space? You can design a builtin entirely tailored to what you and your family need. Then you have the finishes. Are you happy with a painted piece? Or would you prefer a wood stain? The possibilities are endless! And they definitely make a space more visually interesting and bespoke.

Custom millwork looks absolutely incredible once finished and styled. You can easily store and display your personal and family items. Whether it’s family framed photos, books, or decorative objects, you can personalize pieces of custom millwork to your liking.


Custom millwork is entirely bespoke to your space, making it ideal for those needing extra storage or space to display family items.


5. Accessories

Add decorative accessories to your home that reflect the style of your space. This is perfect for mid-century inspired spaces!


Another easy way to make upgrades in your home is through your accessories! I love to swap out my decorative accessories seasonally so there is something new or refreshing to look at throughout the year. Small and simple changes like this can make all the difference to a space!

A top tip for using accessories in your home is to layer them. Layering accessories look sophisticated and well-styled. Use large books as the base, and place smaller objects on top such as candles, diffusers or decorative objects.

One thing that some homeowners overlook with accessorizing their space is that the objects you use can help to define the style of the room. For example, if you’re going for a coastal vibe, use decorative pieces of coral to reinforce this.


Aside from switching accessories per season, use decorative accessories to emphasize the style of the space. In this example, the organic shape accessories dress the natural interior perfectly.


Have you considered doing any of the above 5 ways to upgrade your space? Will you try any of these ideas that I’ve mentioned above? I’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments below!