Trend Alert: Contrasting Wood

We love paving the way for new trends and staying abreast of the upcoming finishes, design tricks, and ideas, color schemes – everything! Today, we’re going to be taking you through one of the greatest ways of injecting warmth and texture into your spaces. And that is with – Contrasting Wood! 

This Trend Alert focuses on Contrasting Wood as we share our top design tips and considerations to take into account when thinking of incorporating different types of wood in your home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love contrasting wood!

We love contrasting wood in the spaces we design because it adds a real depth to the design. Many people assume that they should stick with one type of wood or one type of metal and use that throughout a home. While this can create a cohesive look, it lacks depth, warmth, and visual interest. By using contrasting wood in your spaces, you add an extra layer of detail and style.

We regularly use different wood tones in a space to lift the design. If you stick with the same wood tone throughout a space it can make it look flat and therefore lack dimension.

How to use Contrasting Wood. 

Using contrasting wood in your home is straightforward when you apply some simple principles! 

In most homes, there will already be a dominant wood tone used. This could be the flooring throughout, cabinetry, or a large piece of furniture. From there you can identify the undertones of the wood used. Most woods have a warm undertone, but if your flooring has a hint of gray to it then it has cool undertones.

Use this undertone to choose a contrasting wood tone for your space.

From here you can identify what elements you want to use a contrasting wood for. This could be a new set of floating shelves, or new wooden furniture.

What to watch out for with Contrasting Wood

There are some considerations to take into account when considering contrasting wood for your home…

Naturally you will want to choose a wood tone that is similar to what you already have in your home. This won’t create a contrasting look. Instead everything will look matchy-matchy, and not in a good way.

The key here is to actually choose a contrast to any wood you already have in the space. Have a dark oak used already? Choose a lighter toned wood to create a contrast.

Ways to make Contrasting Wood last in your home

Contrasting Wood can last a lifetime in your home!

As with any other design decision, it’s important to consider it carefully. Ensure you select a timeless type of wood, and a tone that works well with the other main finishes in the space.

Above all, make sure you absolutely love all the wood tones used in your home to ensure you will continue to love it for years to come!

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