Trend Alert: Directional Lighting

Lighting is a huge topic for interior designers because, without good lighting, the whole design can fall apart! (Not literally, but nothing looks as good as it should without proper lighting). One super important type of lighting is Directional Lighting! If you’re a regular reader here then you’ll know how passionate I am about good lighting in interiors. Lately, I have seen a huge increase in interest in Directional Lighting in particular! This Trend Alert explores everything you need to know about directional lighting, the different types of fixtures this includes, and how to use it in your home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love it!

Directional lighting is a must-have for every home! This type of lighting refers to fixtures that point light in a specific direction through the use of a shade. Think island pendant lights, and some wall sconces.

We love using directional lighting in our interior design projects because it helps us to focus light on specific objects or wall art.

How to use directional lighting.

Directional light fixtures should be used to highlight specific areas or items within the home, and typically do this by having a shade.

First, you should consider what you would like to highlight in your home, or what requires directional lighting. Some examples include: artwork or frames hung on the wall, sideboards or buffets, built-in shelves, kitchen islands or peninsulas, or countertop areas in ancillary spaces.

Next, it’s important to decide which type of directional lighting is most suited to highlight the selected area. For artwork or frames hung on the wall, picture lights or wide wall sconces that face downwards are ideal. Sideboards and buffets will benefit from armed wall sconces with shades (similar to the fixture pictured bottom left), while kitchen islands and peninsulas need pendant lights with shades.

What to watch for when using direct lighting.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using directional lighting in your home…

The first hurdle many homeowners stumble across is whether their desired directional light fixture can be installed where they’d like. The construction of your home will influence where access can be made from within the wall or ceiling, and also if an electrician can feed cables there. Before committing to a new light fixture, make sure you know whether you can get electrical access to where you want it installed. Always contact a professional electrician for advice!

It is important to check which lightbulb is recommended for the fixture you plan on buying and find one with the correct light temperature for the application. You can learn all about this in my exclusive Lighting Design Course!

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Directional lighting can last a lifetime in your home when chosen and done right!

If you plan on staying in your home for many years (10+) then it is worth investing in fixtures that you absolutely love and will continue to love! This may be hard to predict, but choosing light fixtures that are timeless or classic in design and finish will enable you to switch other elements of your interior without having to change the lighting each time.

Top Tip – Save any directional light fixtures for areas that you need specific light for, such as food preparation on the kitchen island and wall art or frames.

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Scandinavian Design

Matte Black Picture Light

Picture lights are fantastic directional light fixtures because they are usually thin lights that highlight wall hung art or frames.

Scandinavian Design

Blue Colored Pendant Lights

These pendant lights showcase a creative solution to providing directional lighting! Use these in kitchens to add focused light to the island.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Swing-Arm Wall Lamp

Add a swing-arm lamp to your nightstands or living room for directional and focused light for things like reading or other hobbies.

Scandinavian Design

Black and Warm Brass Pendant Light

This beautiful black and warm brass pendant light is ideal for adding directional light to kitchen islands or dining tables!

Scandinavian Design

Antiqued Brass Battery LED Picture Light

Another great option for adding directional lighting to your home is this antiqued brass picture light!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Metal Linear Chandelier

Finish off your dining table or kitchen island with this linear chandelier! Adding plenty of directional light to surfaces that need it for cooking and eating.

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