Trend Alert: Penny Round Tile

I love working on kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects because they are two of the most important spaces of any home! Plus you can be really creative with the tile choices. This is where Penny Round Tile comes in! They are great for using as backsplashes or for tiling wall niches in showers, so there’s no wonder why they are becoming more and more popular! Let’s take a closer look at Penny Round Tile!

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Why we love it!

Penny Round Tile can enhance the look of any bathroom or kitchen by making them more creative and visually interesting. They work particularly well when paired with other tiles of the same color or finish to add more dimension to the space. With penny round tile you also have the opportunity to be more creative with your overall bathroom or kitchen backsplash. 

How to use it. 

There are a number of different ways you can use penny round tiles in your home as you can use them in both the kitchen and bathroom!

In the kitchen, you should consider using penny round tiles for your backsplash. Using these small tiles here will add visual interest, depth to the backsplash area and is a chance to bring some color into your kitchen.

For bathrooms, there are a lot more options available for using penny round tile. We especially like using them for tiling shower niches and even for using them on the shower floors! They are really durable and provide a good amount of grip underfoot in walk-in showers.

Penny round tiles would be a fun and creative addition to powder rooms too.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of installing penny round tile in your home.

The grout may be more difficult to keep clean than with regular larger format tiles because of the amount of grout needed. However, this shouldn’t be something to put you off using them in your home!

The biggest consideration with penny round tile is the installation. If they aren’t installed properly or by a professional, they can look very messy and uneven, and be uncomfortable underfoot. Improper installation can lead to a poor end result so always seek help from a professional.

The cost of penny round tile can vary greatly from store to store, and even with the different materials (porcelain, ceramic, etc). These aspects can change the costs dramatically, plus you will need to consider professional installation costs too.

Many people assume that any penny round can be used as a shower floor, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Glazed options should be reserved for wall use only. 

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Penny round tiles can last many years in your home if you choose a reputable manufacturer and is installed by a professional.

The choice of color for your penny round tile will also impact how long they will last in your home due to your personal tastes changing. The way to overcome this is to stick with more timeless colors like monochrome, neutrals, soft grays or marble look penny round tiles. Examine the overall style of the room that you’re looking to achieve and choose something that will work well with it.

If you’re a lover of color and you want to inject some creativity to your spaces – then go for it! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us for advice.

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