Benjamin Moore Cloud White – The Warm Off-White


If you have been keeping up with my articles for a while you’ll know that I love to share my industry secrets to help you get the most from your home. And paint colors are one of those topics I love to deep dive into!

A hot topic across the internet – from Facebook Groups, to Instagram, and Pinterest – is finding the perfect off-white paint color. With far too many choices available, from multiple paint brands, there’s no wonder homeowners get themselves confused and overwhelmed when making this choice.

Today I want to share with you an off-white paint color that isn’t heavily spoken about online, but is a key player in my bank of white paint colors I refer back to for my client’s projects. And that is Benjamin Moore Cloud White (OC-130)!

Benjamin Moore Cloud White (OC-130) is a warm white. It’s soft and subtle which makes it a beautiful option for many homes. If you’re looking for a warm and inviting neutral paint color, Cloud White could be just what you need!

Let’s explore Cloud White and discuss how to use it at home, and what to watch out for!

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Why We Love Benjamine Moore Cloud White!


Some neutral or off-white paint colors can appear too yellow in some lights, but Cloud White isn’t like this at all! While it does have warm undertones, they don’t shine through as yellow. Instead, it is a creamy warm white that looks fabulous on a variety of applications. Walls, trim, and even cabinets!

I also love this paint color because of the glow it creates when used in a south-facing room. The warmth that comes through makes the space feel cozy and inviting, which many of my clients want with their new spaces.


Looking for something cooler? Try Benjamin Moore White Dove instead!

How to Use Cloud White at Home 


Benjamin Moore Cloud White can be used in a wide variety of ways in your home.

This paint color is great for use as all-over wall paint, trim, and cabinets. If you want to add a soft white with slightly warm undertones that aren’t too yellow, you can use Cloud White wherever you choose.

The best rooms to use Cloud White are those that are south facing. This is because the natural light will make the color look warmer. You can use Cloud White in north facing rooms too, as it’s a soft color that will balance out the cooler, and flatter natural lighting. 

Benjamin Moore Cloud White is also a great contender for use on kitchen cabinets! And for the exact same reasons why this paint color is so diverse when it comes to north or south facing rooms. This paint color is a good all-rounder.


What to Watch Out for…


As with any paint color you choose, there are some caveats! 

Avoid painting all your surfaces in Cloud White. This could overemphasize the warm, slightly yellow, undertones a bit too much. Even though there are neutral undertones in there as well, too much of the same color can be too much. 

However, if you’re crafty with paint sheen levels, there’s no reason you can’t let the different sheens do all the work in creating a difference between walls and cabinets.

Accent Color Pairings

Benjamin Moore Cloud White can be paired with many other colors! And as it is a warm off-white color with neutral undertones, it can be paired with muted or brighter colors too. 

To really make this paint color come alive, pair it with Benjamin Moore Champion Cobalt (bottom right). The warm tones of the cobalt color will bring the best out of Cloud White while creating a harmonious contrast and sophisticated color palette.

Cloud White also works well with muted tones like Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe (top right) and Benjamin Moore Blue Heather (bottom left). These are calming colors that complement Cloud White to create a well-balanced interior.

Top Left – Benjamin Moore Cloud White (OC-130)

Top Right – Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe (1562)

Bottom Left – Benjamin Moore Blue Heather (1620)

Bottom Right – Benjamin Moore Champion Cobalt (2061-20)

Ways to make this color last in your home…


Making Benjamin Moore Cloud White last in your home is relatively straightforward. There are lots of ways you can use this color (see examples above) so there is something for everyone and each space! 

This paint color is a timeless warm off-white that will never go out of style, and therefore serve you for many years to come! You’ll never tire of seeing this warm off-white color on your walls, as it’s the perfect base color for creating an interior scheme.


Our Favorite Cloud White Inspired Accessories:

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Linen Decorative Pillow

Swapping your decorative pillows for light shades of cream and ivory will help you to incorporate this warm off-white color into your home!

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Blackout Curtain Panel

These blackout curtains are ideal for any bedroom in order to block light from entering the space. You could also use these in family rooms or cinema rooms too!

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Handcrafted Terracotta Bowl

Use this handcrafted bowl as a decorative accessory in a living room, bedroom, or family room! We love the subtle, organic texture.

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3-Piece Coverlet Set

With intricate detailing and warm ivory color, this coverlet set can easily be added to any bedroom to add an extra layer of sophistication.

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Flatweave Area Rug

Use an area rug to inject texture and this beautiful off-white color into your home.

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Hand-knit Decorative Pillow

Add an extra layer of comfort to your home with this hand-knitted decorative pillow! Perfect for inject texture to a living space.

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