Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan – The Warm Beige


Selecting the right paint color for your home is notoriously difficult. Viewing them on a screen is unlike seeing a letter size sample, or a swatch on the wall! So there’s no wonder many homeowners struggle to choose the right paint color for their spaces.

Today I am focusing on Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (HC-81), so read on to find out how to use this paint color in your home and what to watch out for! Manchester Tan is a soft neutral beige paint color with khaki undertones. It has been a popular choice for homeowners for a while now, so it seems very fitting to feature this paint color in its own article!

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (HC-81) does have deep yellow undertones that catch many people out. However there is no doubt that Manchester Tan makes any room feel warm., inviting, and cozy because of these warm tones! It is unlikely to look washed out (like other neutral paint colors) or too bold either.

Let’s dive a little deeper into Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (OC-81) and discuss how and where you can use it successfully in your home! 

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Why We Love Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan!


We love Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (OC-81) because of the amount of warmth the color brings to an environment. Despite the yellow undertones to the paint color, Manchester Tan actually has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 63.24, meaning it will appear to be lighter rather than darker in a space.

This paint color also works well in both north and south-facing rooms. Watch the warmth come alive in naturally light south-facing rooms, while the color helps to balance cool natural light in north-facing spaces. Having a versatile paint color like Manchester Tan in your back pocket to cancel out any unwanted natural light helps to create a well-balanced looking and feeling at home.

How to Use Manchester Tan at Home 


Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan can be used in a variety of ways in the home. It is a great color choice for using on walls, but it can also be used for cabinets or trims depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

With the natural warmth of Manchester Tan, it is better suited for houses with colder winters in particular, and is highly recommended for Northern States.

It is best to use this paint color in homes that aren’t too small either, otherwise the yellow undertones will make the spaces feel even smaller!

If you do use Manchester Tan as an allover wall paint in your home, make sure to pair it with a lighter, off-white paint color for the trims to make the color come alive. For smaller rooms, you can use Manchester Tan, however I would recommend keeping it to a feature wall only and pairing it with an off-white for the other walls.

Use Manchester Tan in any room of the home, as either a feature wall or all over wall paint! This paint color brings warmth to bedrooms, home offices, dining rooms, and even living rooms!

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (OC-81) looks fantastic with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace as the trim or contrasting color!

What to Watch Out for…


As with any paint color you choose for your home, there are a few considerations to take into account before using Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan in your home.

The yellow undertones of this paint color can be very sneaky, and tricky to work with. This is really important to remember if you are considering using this paint color in your home, as it can bounce yellow tones around the space.

Make sure you test the paint color out on your walls in the room you plan on using it. This will allow you to see how the paint color works with the natural lighting in this space throughout the day, before committing to it.

Also, be careful not to use too much beige in your space if you’re considering Manchester Tan for the wall color. Too much of something can often have the opposite effect, and colors in interior design are no different. If in doubt, use Manchester Tan to create a feature wall instead.

Accent Color Pairings


Despite the yellow undertones of Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan, it can actually be paired with a variety of other colors! With the warm undertones, it can be paired with both muted and rich, or brighter colors.

To really make this paint color come alive on its own, pair it with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (bottom right) and use this off-white paint color for the trims. This combination perfectly balances warm and cool tones.

Manchester Tan also works really well with other colors, such as Benjamin Moore Pacific Sea Teal (top left) and Georgian Brick (top right). These are rich colors that work well with Manchester Tan to create a well-rounded yet creative color palette.

Top Left – Benjamin Moore Pacific Sea Teal (2049-10)

Top Right – Benjamin Moore Georgian Brick (HC-50)

Bottom Left – Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (OC-81)

Bottom Right – Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Our Favorite Manchester Tan Inspired Accessories:

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Woven Windowpane Decorative Pillow

Swapping your decorative pillows for shades of beige will help you to incorporate this warm beige color into your home!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Blackout Linen Curtain Panel

These blackout linen curtains are ideal for any living area or bedroom. The soft color allows you to pair these curtains perfectly with any other color in your scheme.

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Faceted Ceramic Vase

Use this faceted ceramic vase to finish off a nightstand, side table, or console throughout the home! We love the subtle, organic texture.

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3-Piece Boho Bedding Set

With intricate boho style detailing, and a soft beige color, this 3-piece bedding set can easily be added to any bedroom to add an extra layer of sophistication.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Hand Knotted Neutral Rug

Use an area rug to inject texture and this beautiful warm beige color into your home! The cream texture adds an organic and natural touch to any space.

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Teak Bookends

Add an extra layer of texture to your home with this set of teak bookends! Perfect for adding to a bookcase or styling a nightstand or side table.

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