Finding the perfect off-white paint color for any homeowner can be a challenge. With so many different options available, brands to choose from, and of course shade and undertones to consider – there’s no wonder many homeowners find themselves either disappointed with their first choice or end up scrapping the idea altogether. I get it – it’s a total minefield!

That’s where Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee (OC-45) comes in. As part of their Off-White Color collection, Swiss Coffee is a sophisticated choice. It is also a very popular choice in the interior design world as it works so well with a multitude of other colors.

Swiss Coffee is labeled a neutral paint color, however, it does lean more towards having warm undertones. That’s not to say that it cannot be used within cooler colored environments, it will actually create balance within those spaces. Swiss Coffee has undertones of gray, yellow, and green which is why it appears warm and inviting for many interiors.

This paint color exudes more softness when compared to a contrasting bright white paint color.

Let’s take a closer look at this paint color and discuss how and where you can use this in your own home!


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Why We Love It!

I love to keep a bank of tried and tested off-white paint colors so I’m prepared for future projects. Off-white paint colors can be used in a variety of ways throughout the home so it’s important to have different options available. Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is an off-white paint color that I regularly pull out from this collection because it is so versatile and that is why I love using it time and time again!

Swiss Coffee is one of those timeless paint colors that you can use with almost any other color in the home, and that’s a huge advantage.

How to Use Swiss Coffee at Home

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is the perfect paint color to use for your trim work, ceilings, or walls. Depending on where you need a neutral off-white paint color, the positioning of the room and other colors already used, will all influence whether it is suitable.

For open-plan homes, Swiss Coffee would make a fantastic neutral base color from which to build an interior design scheme from. Pair this with any other color to enhance the vibrancy of them and bring warmth into the space.

This paint color is also really handy to use in smaller rooms! It will help to create a brighter space while not being as stark as using a bright white color. With the warm undertones within Swiss Coffee, smaller rooms will feel much more inviting.

Swiss Coffee is a popular choice for repainting existing furniture to give them a new lease of life. It has also been used well for kitchen cabinets and in bathrooms with warm-toned tiles.

Accent Color Pairings

Swiss Coffee pairs well with cooler colors like Benjamin Moore Mt. Rainier Gray (2129-60) or Benjamin Moore Nightfall (1596). 

Use Swiss Coffee for the trim and woodwork areas and either of these blue-toned grays for the main wall surface. This will create a contrast between the colors used and showcase a beautiful space!

Mt. Rainier Gray is a lovely light-toned blue-gray paint color that will work well in bathrooms and laundry areas. While Nightfall is a gorgeous charcoal gray with blue undertones, great for using as a feature wall or for painting wall paneling! Be bold and brave by using these colors as all over wall paint.

If you want to warm things up a bit, then check out Benjamin Moore Senora Gray (1530). With more green undertones to this paint color, it creates warmth that works extremely well with Swiss Coffee.

Similarly to the cooler colors above, Senora Gray makes a gorgeous feature wall in any room of the home. Pair this with other creams, beige and brown tones to really feel the benefits of such a warm paint color.

With all the above suggested paint colors, they can be used as allover paint or to create a feature wall within living spaces. Either way, always make sure the tone of colors you use compliments the rest of your home so all spaces feel cohesive with each other. If your home is predominantly gray with a few pops of color, then Mt. Rainier Gray and Nightfall alongside Swiss Coffee should be your go to.

Aside from these paint color pairings, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee can be paired with many other colors! It is such a versatile neutral color that it’s easy to pair this paint color with others. Use brighter colors to create a feature wall and use Swiss Coffee as a neutral color for the other walls. Alternatively, use this paint color for trim work and/or ceilings.

If bright colors aren’t your thing, pair Swiss Coffee with more muted and rich tones, such as burgundy red and navy blue.

What To Watch Out For

As with many paint colors, there are some considerations to take into account before using Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee in your home.

As Swiss Coffee has undertones of yellow it is important to choose a well lit space for this paint color so it minimizes the amount of yellow that is projected out. Consider switching your light bulbs for brighter white LEDs to minimize this if needed.

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So there you have it! One of our favorite off-white paint colors and how to use it effectively at home. What do you think about Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee paint color? Would you use this at home? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

Our Favorite Swiss Coffee Inspired Accessories:

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Oval Rope Basket

We love this oval rope basket! Perfect for using around the house to store extra pillows or blankets.

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Textured Tall Vase

Adding texture to your interior couldn’t be easier… This tall vase is great for doing just that and keeping to the Swiss Coffee color scheme.

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Chunky Weave Pillow

Another fantastic throw pillow – this chunky knit one adds texture and warmth to any interior.

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Cheetah Square Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is a gorgeous addition to any living room or bedroom that needs some extra style and warmth.

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Cream Media Console

Bring Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee into your family or living room with this perfectly proportioned media console!

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Linen Textured Curtains

These curtains not only bring Swiss Coffee into your space but adds some pattern and texture too! We particularly love the stitching detail.

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