Benjamin Moore Simply White – The Crisp Off-White


Over the years I have spoken to many homeowners about paint colors and the selections for their home, and many struggle with the vast amount of off-white paint color options! From warm undertones, to cool ones, and questions surrounding whether “this one is too yellow” or not, it’s a paint color minefield out there! This is why I love to write articles about my favorite paint colors, with the hope of taking ambiguity away from all the options.

I have already looked at Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White, Revere Pewter, and Sea Salt, so it’s about time I looked at Benjamin Moore Simply White! And that is where the focus is today.

Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117) is a subtly off-white paint color. It is crisp and precise, but with some sneaky and surprising undertones! Simply White is a warm white paint color, with yellow undertones which can catch people off guard. 

Let’s explore Simply White further and discuss how to use it at home, and what to watch out for!

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Why We Love Benjamine Moore Simply White!


We love Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-17) because of the warmth it brings to spaces! When it is used correctly, it can look like a beautiful off-white (more on the undertones of this paint color shortly). Having different off-white paint colors up my sleeve is super helpful when doing paint color consultations at client’s homes because the natural lighting is different in each and every home!

The reason for having different off-white paint colors is that they can be used for cabinets, trim work, or as a wall or ceiling paint color and you never know when an off-white could be needed.

How to Use Simply White at Home 


Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-17) can be used in a variety of ways in your home.

Simply White is great for using on cabinets, trims, or ceilings! With its slight yellow undertone, this paint color works best with cool colors to prevent it from looking too yellow, instead it will appear more balanced.

This paint color acts like a true white, but without the coolness or starkness of most bright whites. And this actually makes it a great paint color option for doors! Particularly if you like your trims and doors to match, this paint color could be the perfect option for you.

Simply White also looks great when used as the paint color for cabinetry! Aside from kitchen cabinets, you could use this color in your home office, living room, or bedroom cabinetry.


What to Watch Out for…


As with any paint color you choose, there are some considerations to take into account before taking the plunge!

With Benjamin Moore Simply White you need to be careful of the warm undertones. If you have a south-facing or south-western afternoon sunlight in a room, you may want to avoid using Simply White because the undertones will lean even warmer and yellow in these settings. However, what this does mean is that Simply White is perfect for north-facing rooms!

Accent Color Pairings


Benjamin Moore Simply White can be paired with many other colors! And as it is a crisp off-white color with warm undertones, it can be paired with both muted and rich or brighter colors. 

To really make this paint color come alive, pair it with Benjamin Moore Casco Bay (bottom right). The warm tones of the teal undertone green color will bring the best out of Simply White while creating a harmonious contrast and sophisticated color palette.

Cloud White also works well with muted tones like Benjamin Moore Litchfield Gray (top right) and the rich hue of Benjamin Moore Somerville Red (bottom left). These are calming colors that complement Simply White to create a well-balanced interior.


Top Left – Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-177)

Top Right – Benjamin Moore Litchfield Gray (HC-78)

Bottom Left – Benjamin Moore Somerville Red (HC-62)

Bottom Right – Benjamin Moore Casco Bay (2051-30)

Ways to make Simply White last in your home…


Benjamin Moore Simply White is one of the most iconic and popular Benjamin Moore paint colors, as it looks great almost anywhere in the home (including those darker rooms!)

Before you choose any paint color in your home, make sure to get a small sample pot and test it on all four walls of the room in little rectangles so you can see how the color looks from each angle in the space. Natural lighting changes over the course of a day so it’s important to test it out on all four walls if you can!

This paint color is a timeless warm off-white that will never go out of style, and therefore serve you for many years to come! Consider using Simply White for your cabinets, any other cabinetry in your home, trim work, doors, ceilings, and even walls! This is a great off-white wall paint color that can work really well with any brighter color you choose for a feature wall – use Simply White on the other walls.

You’ll never tire of seeing this warm off-white color on your walls, as it’s the perfect base color for creating an interior scheme!

Our Favorite Simply White Inspired Accessories:

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Scandinavian Design

Textured Velvet Decorative Pillow

Swapping your decorative pillows for light shades of cream and ivory will help you to incorporate this off-white color into your home!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Patterned Curtain Panel

These subtle patterned curtains are ideal for any living area of the home. The soft color allows you to pair these curtains with any other color in your scheme.

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Ceramic Table Lamp

Use this fluted table lamp to finish off a nightstand, side table, or console throughout the home! We love the subtle, organic texture.

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3-Piece Comforter Set

With intricate detailing, texture, and a soft ivory color, this comforter set can easily be added to any bedroom to add an extra layer of sophistication.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Braided Handwoven Round Rug

Use an area rug to inject texture and this beautiful off-white color into your home! The braided texture adds an organic and natural touch to any space.

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Cable Knit Throw Blanket

Add an extra layer of comfort to your home with this cable knit throw blanket! Perfect for injecting texture to a living space or bedroom.

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