I love using around my house for Halloween because they’re a stylish take on the seasonal fruit! 

Now that we’re well into Fall, there are a few key events on my kids’ minds! And that includes Halloween. Kids love to get dressed up, have fun with their friends and go trick or treating and I can confirm that they have been dreaming up the perfect Halloween outfit for a few weeks now!

Aside from the fun for the kids, what about dressing our homes for the holiday? If you’ve already read our Fall Decor blog post you’ll know that we’re big fans of embracing the changing seasons, and decorating for Halloween is a big part of this!

Are you ready to embrace Halloween and get your house ready? Let’s explore some Halloween decorating ideas!


Which Color Scheme?


These add a unique decorative touch to your home. 

As with any holiday celebration I like to choose a color scheme for the decor before shopping for items. Not only does this make shopping for new pieces easier, but it also helps to focus your mind when you are using them in your home.

If you love to keep your home neutrally colored then keeping with this theme of cream and black will be your go-to. Embrace some color with burnt orange if you can to really make it pop!

Another popular color scheme is purple and black. This creates a really moody and spooky atmosphere that is perfect for Halloween.

Alternatively – keep it all black for that “wow” factor.

No matter which way you sway with color for Halloween, keep it in mind as we explore these Halloween decorating ideas!


Pumpkins – Different Ways

These are an amazing addition to any home! Particularly if you prefer more neutral decor. These pumpkins are great for Halloween and beyond into Thanksgiving! 


Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some pumpkins! Real pumpkins are great for getting the kids involved in something creative and you can display the finished ones on the porch.

So what about inside the house?

There are lots of different pumpkin-inspired accessories. Pumpkins are great for bringing color and texture into your spaces to liven them up for the holiday. I love using fabric pumpkins around the home as decorative bowl fillers and dotted around console tables and coffee tables. They are easy to store away for the rest of the year and relatively low in cost.

Another way of introducing pumpkins into your home (especially if you aren’t a fan of color) is by using painted pumpkins! You can even get personalized ones that are unique to you and your family.


As a seasonal favorite, pumpkins are great for introducing into your home’s decor for Halloween! They are ideal for using both indoors and out.

These are perfect for adding to your Halloween decor! 



Using candles around the home helps to set the scene for fall and Halloween. The darker evenings and cooler weather calls for more intimate and cozy nights inside and candles are a must-have for this!

With candle-making being a popular hobby during the pandemic, there are lots of different candle designs to choose from. Popular designs include ghosts, skulls, spines, and floating eyeballs!

Lanterns make a great addition to any home and can help to create a spooky setup next to the fireplace or on the front porch. 


I love these for Halloween! Display up the stairs, on the fireplace, or in the playroom to bring some Halloween-inspired decor into the spaces. 

Garlands and String Lights


I love using garlands in my home to decorate for the different holidays each year. For Halloween especially, these garlands can often be used for Thanksgiving too making them a great investment! Think fall colors, leaves, “Happy Halloween” signs, scary figures, and dark pampas.

Similarly to candles, string lights are a great way to create a dark and moody atmosphere for Halloween! Instead of using plain and classic fairy lights, why not choose something different for the holiday? There are lights available with little ghost figures, spiders, and skulls to help you create a spooky interior.


Decorative Accessories

Add throughout your home to complete the holiday look! 


This blog post of Halloween decorating ideas wouldn’t be complete without adding some decorative accessory ideas!

Depending on what extent you want to decorate your home this year – going all out or keeping it simplified? – there are lots of great options.

If you’re going all out with the decorations choose decorative props. These include wall signs, life-size coffins, and decorative mannequins!

For a pared-back and simplified look, choose pumpkins inspired accessories, decorative skulls, and other spooky objects.


Front Porch Ideas

As a huge lover of using front door wreaths throughout the year, this is ideal for use around Halloween! 


Last but not least – is the front porch and door!

As you know I’m a huge lover of front door wreaths. Halloween is a great opportunity to be creative with them and incorporate some of the ideas we have shared above into a wreath. Pumpkins and fall colors are great for Halloween wreaths!

For your porch area specifically, use garlands to frame your front door, lanterns, and pumpkins for displaying on the porch itself, and even some string lights to add moodiness to the area.

Get creative with your Halloween items for your porch. Incorporate a crate, some lanterns, pumpkins, and a front door wreath to create a moody yet stylish arrangement!


I hope this blog post has provided you with some inspiration and ideas for your Halloween decorating! How are you decorating your home this Halloween? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!